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Within our rustic log cabin and the covered dome, our facilities are capable of hosting a wide range of events and functions easily. The conveniences of the city are only 5 minutes away and our large parking lot offers easy access to your guests.

Our Facilities

Ice Rental Packages

Skating Rental

  • 2 hour Ice Time
  • Only includes Ice
  • Lots of Parking

Skating Rental

  • 2 hour Ice Time
  • Includes Heated Room
  • Lots of Parking

Special 5 Pack

  • 5 x 2 hour Ice Time
  • Only includes Ice
  • 5 Separate Rentals
  • Discount Applied at Checkout

Special 5 Pack

  • 5 x 2 hour Ice Time
  • Includes Heated Room
  • 5 Separate Rentals
  • Discount Applied at Checkout

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we use glass bottles / cups?2020-10-18T12:55:43-06:00

Sadly, due to insurance purposes, we are unable to allow the usage of glass at events any longer.

Who do I talk to about something?2020-10-18T12:52:02-06:00

For all other questions, please use the form below and our extremely knowledgeable rental coordinator can discuss any questions or concerns you might have.

Is there a BBQ that we can use?2020-10-18T12:46:01-06:00

Though we don’t offer one, feel free to bring your own propane BBQ. We would request that you set it up away from the cabin and dome though as both are fragile to open flame.

Does the cabin have air conditioning?2020-10-18T12:45:24-06:00

There is no air conditioning, the cabin has large ceiling fans to circulate air and keep it cool in the summer. As a log cabin, it is actually quite cool throughout the summer.

Is the dome heated?2020-10-18T12:44:22-06:00

The dome is not heated. It does contain LED lighting and is fantastic at breaking the wind though.

Is a damage deposit required?2020-10-18T12:43:42-06:00

A damage deposit is required and will be returned once the state of the facility has been confirmed. If there are any problems, you will be notified and allowed to rectify them if you choose. In the event of excessive damage or cleaning, additional charges might be charged to resolve the issue.

What is the ice surface dimension?2020-10-18T12:52:36-06:00

The ice surface is approximately the size of 1/3 sheet of ice. It works well for smaller groups, young children hockey practices & family skating. We’ve also hosted several 3 on 3 hockey tournaments.

Can we host a really loud party?2020-10-18T12:41:25-06:00

Even though we’re out in the country, there are many families that live nearby. As such we ask that you act within reason and understand that Corman Park does have a noise bylaw that will be enforced if required.

What is the capacity?2020-10-10T15:37:00-06:00

Depending on the type of rental, we’re capable of hosting upwards of 200 people in the dome and 50 people in the cabin.

What’s included in with an ice rental?2020-10-18T12:52:46-06:00

We will make every attempt to provide well groomed ice and access to the covered dome rink.

For an additional fee to cover cleaning, we can include access to the warm up / change room as well as 1 bathroom.

Whats included with a cabin rental?2020-10-18T12:52:52-06:00

The cabin includes access to:

  • Kitchen with fridge, stove and microwave. Plenty of counter space.
  • Wet bar
  • Tables and chairs
  • Gas fireplace
  • Picnic tables outside
  • Lots of parking
  • 2 washrooms
What types of rentals do you offer?2020-10-18T12:06:08-06:00

We offer 3 types of rentals.

  1. Log Cabin (Available for full day rental)
  2. Log Cabin & Dome (Available for full day rental)
  3. Ice Rental (Available for a minimum of 2hrs)
Are their utensils and dishes included?2020-10-18T12:07:21-06:00

No dishes, utensils or small appliances are included for use in the kitchen.

Is there a coffee pot to use?2020-10-18T12:08:24-06:00

No coffee pot. Bring your own coffee pot or stop at Timmy’s on the way. I’ll take a double double.

Can we have a fire pit / outdoor fire?2020-10-18T12:10:57-06:00

There is no fire pit available and you’re not allowed to bring one. It’s a real log cabin… made out of wood. Wood burns.

Will we need a liquor permit?2020-10-18T12:13:21-06:00

Only if you want to serve alcohol. You are responsible for the liquor permit and any insurance requirements for their event.

What is your smoking policy?2020-10-18T12:15:14-06:00

No smoking inside. Do not leave cigarette butts on the ground outside. Any failure to clean this up might result in your damage deposit being held.

Can we pitch tents, park RV’s or trailers?2020-10-18T12:53:12-06:00

You cannot stay the night. No sleeping accommodations. The property needs to be vacated by 3:00am. You don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here.

Can we bring dirt bikes, snowmobiles & other ATVs?2020-10-18T12:53:19-06:00

No recreational vehicles such as snowmobiles, dirt bikes, quads. Our park is shared with a school and as such has different features that could be dangerous such as benches, rocks & different land features that would be devastating to a rider. No exceptions.

Do you provide clean up service?2020-10-18T12:37:37-06:00

As a community run facility, we operate under a “Leave it as You Receive It” policy. We will guarantee that you receive the cabin and dome in good condition and expect that you will leave it in the same condition at the end of your rental. This includes cleaning the floors, washrooms and kitchen to the same standard that you found it. Also, please throw out your garbage in Loraas bin outside and take your recycling. All cleaning supplies and tools are provided.

How do I get the keys?2020-10-18T12:53:31-06:00

The rental coordinator will make arrangements with you to get the key.

Do you have a first aid kit / AED onsite?2020-10-18T12:40:08-06:00

There is AED on site inside the cabin in the back room mounted on the wall. If you have specific medical requirements, please discuss them with the rental coordinator.

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